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Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C., Attorneys at Law is a respected law firm based out of Dalton, Georgia. The firm primarily works with Georgia residents, but is also willing to represent some clients from Tennessee. If you are currently dealing with legal concerns that involve personal injury, adoption, or Social Security, feel free to get in touch with the trusted attorneys of Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C.

Practice Areas

The attorneys of Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C. are equipped with the legal knowledge necessary to serve a variety of clients, with an emphasis in personal injury cases. Personal injury cases handled at the law firm include medical malpractice, car accidents, and workers compensation.

In addition to personal injury representation, Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C. offers legal assistance for those hoping to experience parenthood through adoption or to obtain Social Security benefits. All clients — regardless of the legal issues they face — are treated in a compassionate manner. The experienced attorneys are aware of the stressful nature of their clients’ legal problems and are therefore eager to expedite the legal process.

Working with the Attorneys of Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C.

The attorneys at Goddard, Hammontree, and Bolding, LLCProspective clients are encouraged to get in touch with Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C., regardless of their current financial situation. The first consultation is always free, and for cases involving personal injury, no payments are necessary until the case has been won. Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding is then simply paid a portion of the funds obtained for their clients.

Not only are initial consultations with the attorneys of Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C. free, they are also completely confidential. The trusted lawyers encourage all those who consult with them to share their most pressing concerns regarding the legal process.

Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C: A Trusted Legal Resource

Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C. is known throughout Georgia for its stellar legal services. The law firm is an excellent resource to turn to as you strive to resolve legal matters involving personal injury, adoption, and Social Security. Get in touch to learn how the attorneys at Goddard, Hammontree and Bolding L.L.C. can guide you through the complexities of the legal system.

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